Summit Pointe Builders recognizes that as a construction company, we have the ability to profoundly affect the world we share- for better or worse. We take this great opportunity very seriously, and pledge to use every green method that presents itself in everything we can. This is not hype or vague promise, it is a deep and daily reaffirmed commitment to not add to our world’s problems, but to instead positively impact – and try to help – wherever it is possible.

I once had the honor to hold and to read hand-written history; a revolutionary war document said to have been discovered under the floorboards of an attic on the Abbott Estate in Andover, Massachusetts. The words were moving and inspiring to me, and I committed them to memory:

“This lovely land, this glorious Liberty, these Benign institutions, the dear purchase of our Fathers are Ours; Ours to Defend, Ours to Preserve, Ours to Transmit. Generations past and generations to come hold us Sacred in this Task. If they fall, it is because we have abandoned them; if they survive, it is because We have Upholden [sic] them. We can never indeed repay the debt which is upon us, but by every Right Act and every Right Deed may we hope to pass them uninjured to Our future, our Posterity.”

We pledge to do all we can to preserve this great heritage which is our world – we will try our best to “first, do no harm”. We respectfully encourage all those involved in our industry – our clients our vendors and our competitors – to consider and honor these words as we do: A Sacred Trust.

– Thomas P. Ciccarelli
Summit Pointe Builders, LLC