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Summit Pointe Builders provides electronic renderings via computer-assisted design (CAD) and conceptual assistance to help you visualize your build and apply real-world parameters to bring your idea to life at very competitive rates, delivering unmatched consultation service to our clients. While we will always do our best to realize your vision, it will require patience, interpretation, and reconciling your thoughts from your vision into an architecturally sound model that also delivers sound and solid engineering. We suggest you review the plans available in the public domain and present us those features you’ve found that most appeal to you. While we are willing to design your plans entirely from scratch, it is very often more time efficient and cost effective to purchase a set of plans that contain the majority of your desired features which we will then modify to suit your unique requirements.

Summit Pointe Builders adheres to copyright and will request a proof of purchase for any plans presented for customization. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Our drafting services consist of electronically generated CAD proofs of:

  • Line Drafts
  • Simulated Views
  • Elevations
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