When Is the Best Time to Move?

Colorado experiences incredible seasonal changes. Our summers can be hot, our winters freezing cold, springs can be wet, and fall can be a combination of all of the above (sometimes all in the same day!). If you’ve moved in the extreme temperatures that Colorado can bring, there is a good chance you’d like to avoid… read more

How We’re Using Tech to Keep in Touch with Homeowners

One of the things that the Summit Pointe Builders team cares a lot about is making sure our clients are happy. We know that a key to this goal is establishing and maintaining good communication, so they know exactly what’s going on with their new home and how to reach us with any questions they… read more

Home Features Going Out of Style in 2017

Like most things, custom homes are subject to trends. Walk through a custom home built in the 1970’s and you’ll see lots of wood paneling, formal living room areas, and sunken informal family rooms. A custom home built in the 1990’s feature a ton of light-colored wood and wall-to-wall carpeting. Today’s homes are subject to… read more

Preparing Yourself to Move from Renting to Buying

Deciding that it’s time to stop renting and invest in a property of your own is a big step, and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. Preparing to be a homeowner is about more than making sure you have a big enough down payment (although that’s a big enough step on it’s own!).… read more

Why Choose a Custom Home Built by a Craftsman?

Here at Summit Pointe Builders, we take the process of building quality homes very seriously. That’s not to say that we don’t also enjoy our jobs, because we absolutely do. It’s just that because craftsmanship is a cornerstone of what we do, it’s hard to see new homes that have so many issues almost right… read more

The Benefits of Custom Homes

At some point or another, nearly everyone dreams of having a custom home built specifically to suit their needs. Here at Summit Pointe Builders, we want to help provide you with the home of your dreams. No matter what your tastes are, what type of décor you prefer, or what size you want your home… read more

Are You Ready to Be a Landlord?

Many people have dreams of owning rental properties. Rentals can be a great financial investment for your future. Not only do you have a property that is likely to appreciate in value over time, but someone else is making your mortgage payment for you. You might even be making a little extra off of it… read more

The Advantages of Leaving Your Basement Unfinished

Our custom home builders in Denver work with clients everyday on building their dream home. For many of our clients, that dream home includes a basement. Basements are a great way to add space to your home. We even include an unfinished basement as a standard option on many of our housing development projects because… read more

Could Denver Limit the Number of New Homes in 2019?

At the beginning of December, Daniel Hayes proposed an amendment that would limit the number of new houses that could be built along the Front Range. Hayes had previously written a similar bill that did the same thing in Golden, limiting the amount of home construction on an annual basis. Now he has his sights… read more

Luxury Upgrades To Consider for Your Home

As luxury home builders in Denver, we’re used to integrating beautiful upgrades into every home that we build. It’s amazing how simple luxury touches can go a long way into making the entire home feel more luxurious and special. Even if you are on a budget, you can bring one of two of these upgrades… read more